About us


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Lovely Desserts

Coffee ice cream with honeycomb. This recipe is from an old friend of my mother which was handed down from her mother (allegedly!) Try some. It is rich and creamy and according to my official taster Rebecca, ‘this is in my top ten puddings of all time’. Made to order.


Tasty Treats

Tired of taking chocolates as a present? Try the marshmallows. They come in 12 different flavours: Vanilla, Rose, Coffee, Chocolate, Fresh Lemon, Fresh Orange, Fresh Lime, Ginger, Date & Honey, Mint, Violet and Lavender. Light as air and described by one devotee as ‘like eating clouds’. Made to order.


Splendid Flavours

Orange madeleines, soft nougat, buttery lavender shortbread, damson ice cream, black sticky gingerbread, lemon drizzle cake, cardamom and orange banana bread, shortbread cookies with granadilla cream (for those who don’t hail from South Africa that is passion fruit cream!) Gorgeous flavours are what we do. So come and share with us.