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The first sweet thing: Welcome to our new website!

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Welcome to the world of sweetness. This is day 1 of Fine + Candy’s website and day 1 of my blog. I have never done this before, so my apologies if it all goes horribly wrong!

Before writing anything specific, I want to first of all dedicate this website to my mother, my inspiration for all things food. Sadly she is no longer with us, but if she were, she’d be whooping it up in the aisles and cheering me on with a glass of champagne.

Secondly I want to thank the following very special people:  Aric at Top Left Design, who has put together this absolutely gorgeous website. What a patient man.  As I lurched from one idea to the next, he remained steadfast and guided me through this complex process.  Rebecca Jago who designed the fab logo, and Sophocles Alexiou who took various photographs, in particular the marshmallows. Each of you is a super star and thank you for all your hard work, time and patience.

In the coming weeks, I will be taking inspiration from some of my favourite cooks and their fantastic Blogs.

One such cook is Mary Berry and her  Baking Bible is a delicious guide to the world of cakes, biscuits, buns and scones and all things butter and sugar.  I have made many of her recipes and enjoyed every single one.

Jubilee Cake

Jubilee weekend!  Baked by me and decorated by my son.

I am going to attempt to bake my way through Mary’s Bible over the next year.  I shall start at page 1 and continue.

She and I have two things in common – our love for baking, and we have both lost a son.  I am not the baker that she is and will probably never reach those dizzy heights, but cooking and baking has eased the days of despair after losing a child.

So until next time…


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    Fi – you are a supertstar. The website is beautiful and I love the first day blog! Good luck and we wish you all the very best of luck with this fab new venture. Great big hugs from Sussex. Xxxxxxx

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    Darling Girl. Beyond proud. It is a stunning www and the text has just the right combination of emotion and fun. The day we are going to proudly say “Of course we’ve known her for yonks, long before she became so famous” is just around the corner but we have always been so proud of you and all you have achieved and overcome. Onwards and upwards with huge love from Hertfordshire. xxxxxxxxxx

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    I don’t know which is gorgeous-er: the website, the star or the marshmallows! Brava!

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    Fi it all looks amazing – I want to eat it all! Congratulations and best of luck with what I’m sure is going to be a huge success. xxx

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    Darling Fi, huge congratulations – the website is utterly beautiful, as is your delicious food…and you, of course. Wishing you every success and much love, Anne xxx

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    Dear Fiona, Sally had already told me about this wonderful adventure of yours and I am so pleased to see it take off with such gusto and good taste, and, as Antonia above wrote, with the text having just the “right combination of emotion and fun”. I do not have a sweet tooth myself … but I am sure that I would easily succumb to your ‘wares’. Bravo!

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    Well done Hon – I love your website – the photos are fab everything looks mouthwateringly delicious.
    Good Luck my friend xxxx

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    Utterly mouthwatering website from top to toe, fabulous pics, enough to raise anyone’s sugar levels to heavenly heights! Fi I am as always in awe of you and your gazillion accomplishments. Well done, cleverest of girls. H xxx

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    Wow! Brilliant Fi! Just love everything. Beautiful, delicious and just perfect! Well done. Sure you are going to be inundated with orders. Do you deliver to Cape Town!!

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    Simply stunning! You go girl! London is lucky to have you. Johannesburg could definitely do with all that scrumptious tuck! Xxxx

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    We are so thrilled to see such a beautiful website doing full justice to youand your beautiful produce….the pics of the marshmallows are gorgeous as are the marshmallows themselves…and I will be placing orders for more and look forward to sampling the other delectable-looking wares….
    May your success be stellar ….we are very proud of you Darling Girl…..Sal and Neil ….wish you had delivery facility here in the UAE ..!!! xxxxxx

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    Dear Blonde-Beauty


    ML, GT

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    This is such a beautuful site. And the food looks quite exquisite. I shall have to buy some of those delicious looking madeleines.

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    Fiona – I am staggered, amazed, impressed and DELIGHTED by what you have achieved so far. I too love your first blog – it’s just so right and I cannot wait to try some of your stuff out – er, sorry, baking products! I will forward to EVERYONE.

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    Gosh Fiona. How simple exciting Majestueux comme on dit chez nous! Coffee icream my favorite… Marshmallows, madeleines. Miam Miam. Max and Louis Will love it. Let me come to London and I ll be there to order. Meanwhile I have sent Eloise the web site for her to forward. Bravo mon amie très spéciale!

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    Wow! What a good idea. they look postivelyyum and I will be in touch on the order line All the best

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    Many congrats Fi – am so proud of you and wish you all the luck in the World. Much love Kim x

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    Can’t wait to see and sample all the naughty but delicious Fine and Candy at the Elizabeth Street Party, Belgravia – I think you will be rushed off your feet by marshmallow fans xx

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    Dearest Fi – your website ROCKS – a little bit of what you fancy does you good they say – I couldn’t agree more yum yum yum! Many many congratulations from Diane, Ray and the angels, we love you too X

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    Scrummy! Fi it all looks absolutely amazing. Such a brilliant idea. Hats off to you. Will spread the word. Lots of love Melx

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    You clever girl I can’t wait to order something
    Jo and all the Richardsons xxx

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    From ya loving godchild :)… This website is AMAZING! I would reeeeeaally like some more marshmallows – I LOVE them!
    Love you lots – Livi
    P.S I like the name mallow clouds :) xxx

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    Now that I have tasted fine+candy’s wares I have to say that the proprietress, the website and the delightful, delicious delicacies are all equally gorgeous. More, please.

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    This is one awesome blog.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

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      Thank you so much.

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    I was given some of your absolutely delicious marshmallows and eaten them nearly in one sitting! They are fabulous, and so are you! Well done Fi . Lots of love Essie xxx

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